It’s time to Bask in the Support of a Million Dollar CEO as a CEO. 


You don’t need a FT employee 

You don’t need someone local

You don’t need to over pay your contractors to take less clients

All you need is the right Team, Systems, and Mindset.

Million Dollar CEO is a 6 month Group Advisory for Coaches and Agency Owners that teaches you how to create a CEO Optional Business by taking you completely out of Operations and Client Delivery.


In just 90 Days

 you will be able to experience YOUR TEAM completely running your Operations and client delivery

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We’ve worked with it all. 

You will stop running a scrappy business and shift into Operational Excellence.

You will know how to effectively manage a team of contractors regardless of how many other clients they have or what their ambitions are outside of your business.

It’s time to develop
your Million Dollar Team.

You probably have a stacked team and you’re still running this whole business or you’re scaled your team all the way back and now it’s just you.

Maybe you’re considering hiring a family member because these people just don’t get it, this, or you and you’d rather pay someone you love. 


and  STEP INTO the

You may want to have a safe, high paying, ethical work environment for others but it causes you to let underperformance slide while you overpay.

Your agency business is taking all your time and money, and you want it to feel more passive and profitable while still paying people well.

Your coaching business is scaling fast and you want to make sure your systems and team can handle it.

IS this YOU?

You’re the highest earner in your family and managing the pressure of that while also holding the weight of feeling like you have to be a provider of a great job for your team.

You have a stacked team yet everyone needs YOU all the time.

You want to feel at peace with your payroll

We are going to make sure your Leadership Skills are on lock and you have a Team so High Performing, that you can work part time, take extended VACATIONS, and lean into new projects without any stress so you can have



  • Never touch an administrative or technical task again.

  • Have Co Coaches or Agency Service Providers deliver your service at 100%.

  • Stop having clients expecting your presence on strategy calls and in the Slack channel. They will fall in love with your team. 



  • Make sure every person you currently have is being utilized and performing at the highest level.

  • Implement a Touchless Training System so you can hire on demand and easily.

  • Curate a Lifestyle Team so you don't walk away from your business just to have to do the dishes and laundry.


  • Learn how to think and operate like a CEO that runs a Million Dollar Business.

  • Master People Management without people pleasing and micromanaging.

  • Get coached through 7 Figure Problems and create 7 Figure Solutions.


And I’ve since taken those lessons into my Full Time Coaching Business.  Like many of my clients, I was traumatized by my 9-5 and didn’t know how to manage the emotional weight of being a key provider for my family.

And I lead with that trauma in my team because I just wanted to be a good boss, but I was also putting so much pressure on myself. And when they weren’t “loyal” to me, it frustrated me. 

Millionaires didn’t teach me how to manage my mindset and lead better, they told me that in order to find people loyal, I had to hire employees. So I did. 

The turning point in my business was when I went from overbooked to having no clients, with family members and all these people on my payroll. 

I had to have the conversations every CEO dreads.

I felt like a complete failure. 

But once I separated my identities of “Provider” and CEO, everything changed. 

I went from an Agency Team of 10 that had me stressed out, overanxious and burdened to having a Lean Team with high profits, peace, and performance.  The Agency Life taught me a lot. I learned how to run a big Agency with 100% of my Operations and Client Delivery managed without me.

what I did…

I also learned a LOT of what not to do when it came to Team Management and Dynamics.

I cleaned up my mindset as a CEO and the dynamics of my team drastically.

I stopped being scared to ask for exactly what I wanted and I stopped looking for contractors to be more than contractors and learned how to run my business with or without “loyalty” from others.  

I deleted all the advice other Millionaires were giving and released my Employees. I realized that I didn’t need a team completely “dedicated” to my business to scale it with ease. I learned how to lead better.

Now my team is happy, healthy, lean and free of all that pressure. 



On Demand Portal

You will learn the key concepts, frameworks, and philosophies of the program that you can listen to on the go once you join. Learn my unique approach to Team Consulting that has helped clients have the most peaceful businesses in the industry.

90 Day Out of Operations Plan

We will help you come up with an Out Of Operations Plan that will relieve you of both Admin and Delivery so you can finally have full permission and confidence to step away and go live your Million Dollar Life. 

90 Day Lifestyle Hiring Plan

Once you’re completely Out of Operations, we will help you prepare a Lifestyle Hiring Plan. We’re talking nannies, glam teams, and personal assistants so you can be supported from front to back. 

Daily Slack Channel Access

You will be able to drop into Slack at anytime with questions related to Team Leadership, Systems, Client Delivery Training, Hard Conversations, and more. 

Your Team will also have a Team Only Slack Channel.

Weekly Live CEO Coaching with Kirsten

Every week, you will be able to get coaching and see others get coached. You will have the support you need as a CEO to navigate Team Hiring, Transitions, Delegation Techniques, Systems Strategy, CEO Mindset Mastery and more. 

Monthly Live Team Call with Kirsten

You’re not going to be the only one on your Team getting coached anymore. Your Team will be invited to a Monthly Call so they can get coached clean and freely. This will help Kirsten offer an outside perspective to stabilize your Dynamics so you don’t have to do it alone. Your team will learn how to manage their own mindsets and become Leaders in their Roles.

Seven Figure SOP and Task Plan

You’re going to learn how to Standardize your business completely, including how your team handles complex and nuanced decisions. You will have a plan to recreate your current SOP and Task bank into a lean, powerful, scalable vault for your Team to easily implement. You will never go “outdated” again, because your Team will have a plan to consistently update them.


A course just for your Lead Contractors. They will learn how to manage their life and business while helping you run yours. I am providing them with the skills I applied as an In Demand Agency Owner working with Multiple 6 and 7 Figure Clients that had their own processes and systems for my team to implement so they can serve you at the highest level.


A course just for your Lead Contractors. They will learn how to manage their life and business while helping you run yours. I am providing them with the skills I applied as an In Demand Agency Owner working with Multiple 6 and 7 Figure Clients that had their own processes and systems for my team to implement so they can serve you at the highest level.

We know you're busy, which is why all of our content is designed to be Quick & Snappy and available for on the go listening.

All of our trainings consist of short videos, memorable frameworks and brief worksheets. This program is designed to get you out of the portal and into implementation. 

module one

Create an Out of Operations Plan that will relieve you of Admin and Delivery in just 90 days 

Refine your SOPs into lean, powerful bank

Apply our Smooth Systems Checklist to organize your company and make your Customer Onboarding Funnel more scalable

Learn the Art of Effective Task Management so you can Assign and Forget

Delegation Systems

The Million Dollar CEO Process

module TWO

Learn exactly how to Decide, Source, Hire, and Train a new person quickly and efficiently

Create a High Performing Application Process that calls in your best candidates

Set up a Touchless Training so you don't have to ever wait to hire someone again because you're too busy to train

Leverage our simple Lifestyle Hiring Plan to find support outside of your business

Hiring and Training

module three

Learn how to be a Visionary and Team Player so you're never the bottleneck

Get great at asking for what you want and providing constructive feedback

Balance compassion and ownership with your Team

Show up in your business as a Million Dollar CEO


Where your Team will learn how to balance their life and business with yours, and be more efficient in their role.

  • Mindset Leadership
  • Time Leadership
  • Project Leadership

The Contractor's Course

  • Weekly Live CEO Coaching every Monday at 5pm CST

  • Daily Slack Channel Access

  • Monthly Live Team Coaching on the first Thursday at 5pm CST

  • Daily Team Only Slack Channel Access

Live Coaching Support

Join by September 5th and receive a 5 hour VIP Day with Kirsten. 

You and your Team will receive a 5 Hour VIP Day, where we are going to develop your company’s Client Delivery Training Program. You will walk away with a Training Program unique to your philosophies, policies, and expectations for your front facing Service Providers. 

They will know exactly how to deliver your services in a way that is clear and consistent for your clients, and doesn’t require you. 

time sensitive Bonus

This alone is invaluable, and will be something you can build upon for years to come. This bonus is only available FOR A LIMITED TIME And ends September 5th.

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You must currently have an Operations Team Member such as a VA, OBM, or Project Manager.


You must have a proven offer with at least 20 CLIENT RESULTS.

*We do not accept clients who currently have team members that are being paid below minimum US wage. You must be willing to pay high ticket for your service providers, regardless of where they live.

yOU must be projected to make at least $250,000 a year.




6 MONTHLY paymentS
of $2500




I have a Team but don’t meet all the requirements, is this right for me? 

Apply for the program and we will let you know. We may make decisions based on a range of factors.

What if I have a FT team member right now?

If you have a FT Team Member and you want to lead them better, you are welcome to join and all of the Coaching and Leadership Tools will still apply. Just know our verbiage is geared toward leading Contractors and avoiding premature Full Time Hires. 

If you have a FT Team Member and you want to redesign your team to be only contractors, we can help with that as well, but you will be responsible for researching and implementing the Legal process of releasing an employee. 

What if I have a Hybrid Business Model or Multiple Businesses? 

All of our Coaching and Leadership Tools will apply to any Business Model. Your unique plan will be created during the Out of Operations process.

Will you help me with Hiring?

We specialize in helping you lead your current team better, no matter how small. Once your current team is stabilized, we coach you through future hires. However, we recommend making your first ever hire prior to joining.

I’m actually out of my Client Delivery and Operations, but still have Team Challenges to address, is this right for me? 

Million Dollar CEO is still the best fit for you, as we have features inside the program that allow you to have your unique needs addressed such as a Slack Channel, Weekly Calls, Events, and your team can utilize the Monthly Team Calls. You will learn our core concepts and we will help you apply them based on your unique needs.

I run a Multi Million Dollar Business and have at least 3 departments of people, is this right for me?

If you’re at the Multi Million Dollar level and need full scope organizational consulting with your existing team departments, we can discuss a different option for you if needed on our sales call. Please apply to learn more.