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You want to enroll your first or next 100-1,000 clients without doubling your work hours.
And you will. 


You’re a genius in the industry.

You’re ready to serve hundreds of clients a year, regardless of where your business or identity is at today, you know you’re meant for a 7 figure business.

You want to have your VA and other contractors run your business so well you can stop staying up late, travel without opening your laptop and take off for months.

You want to automate your launches and have co coaches or service providers available to cover client work for you.

You know you need the right systems to scale your genius signature offer and expand into new ones.

You’re wondering if you need to hire a FT employee or pay your contractors to take less clients in order to achieve your goals.

You’re unsure what people to have on your team, if your current team is doing the right things, or if hiring and creating systems is going to be expensive and hard.

You feel like you don’t even fully know what “systems” means when people talk about it.

That was me.

I wanted a million dollar business and I wanted to do it well. 

Even as an agency owner. You can have a passive agency that runs in the background, while booking out the coaching side of your business, peacefully.

You can go from 1:1 coaching to a scalable offer and feel the joy of a full zoom room with rows of dream clients.

After burning myself out and my business down, I refused to let more money sacrifice my part time schedule or my mental health ever again.

I needed to be able to be depressed and offline whenever.

I needed to have hours of free calendar space to take care of my personal responsibilities to my family and friends.

I needed to be able to scale with my nervous system intact.

I created the offers, systems, and team that took me from 30 clients a year to 100+ in just one year.

Million Dollar CEO is a 12 month Mastermind for Coaches and Agency Owners that teaches you how to create the offer, systems, and team to enroll your first or next 100-1,000 clients this year.

Scaling Peacefully is just having systems and people that add time to your day so you can make more sales while living more life. 

You are going to apply our PEACE framework alongside other unique concepts and live coaching to enroll your first or next 100 to 1,000 clients.

  • Learn how to scale a million dollar company without ever hiring a full time employee

  • Make sure every person you currently have is being utilized and performing at the highest level so you can bask in real support that scales your income

  • Stop having clients expecting your presence on strategy calls and in the Slack channel so you can focus on curriculum strategy, selling, and other dream projects. They will fall in love with your team.

Part Time Team


  • Never touch an administrative or technical task again

  • Stop running a scrappy business and shift into Operational Excellence so you can enroll hundreds of clients this year while improving client experience

  • Have all the resources you need to hire and train the people you need fast, delegate anything and everything you can think of

Easy Systems

  • Learn how to eliminate stress so you don’t experience decision fatigue as a CEO and feel safe managing a team of people (regardless of what they are doing or not doing)

  • Become a person that doesn’t worry about money anymore, learn how to create payroll peace so you’re never scared to hire the support you desire or need and feel safe to hire the best

  • Experience more peaceful launches, large client events, and team meetings so you can leave work at work when you walk away from your computer

Anxiety Relief

  • Clear your calendar of calls that don’t require you (even the ones you think do)

  • Create an abundance of time to work on your business and passion projects

  • Have so much free space that you can be the person that goes to pilates in the middle of the day, volunteer in your community more, travel wherever you want without ever having to uproot your schedule to make it happen

Calendar Space

  • Curate a Lifestyle Team so you don't walk away from your business just to have to do the dishes and laundry

  • Make so much money you can fly your glam team wherever you go, move into the luxury apartment with the view or your dream home

  • Generously spend on your family, friends, and self

Elevated Life

You may want to have a safe, high paying, ethical work environment for others but it causes you to let underperformance slide while you overpay.

Your agency business is taking all your time and money, and you want it to feel more passive and profitable so you can focus on scaling a coaching offer

Your coaching business is scaling fast and you want to make sure your systems and team can handle it.

IS this YOU?

You want to feel at peace with your payroll

You have a team yet everyone needs YOU all the time.

You want to feel and operate like a Million Dollar CEO, but you’re worried your client experience will suffer as you scale

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs be "confusingly wealthy" because their business feels so light.

Kirsten has coached and worked on the back end of Millionaires for years, and has built a 7 figure business herself. She has a lot of spicy opinions on what it means to build a sustainable company and be a leader. After creating an industry leading, multiple 6 figure funnels agency and then the popular Million Dollar Email coaching program, she learned the art of scaling any business model with the right team, systems and mindset.

Even with a successful agency, Kirsten experienced severe burnout and ended up burning her business down and living off her savings before producing what she has today. She went from working 90 hours a week to very part time by focusing on operational excellence.

Kirsten made the decision that if more money wasn't part time, peaceful, and simple, it wasn't worth it. 



There will be a virtual live welcome event where Kirsten will provide teachings and help you create a scaling plan. You will be able to reference the replay of this event anytime to support you throughout the program.

2 Day Teaching Experience

You’re going to learn Million Dollar CEO Skills, how to develop a high performing team, and bask in the support of easy systems. You will learn my unique approach to scaling that has helped clients have the most peaceful businesses in the industry.

Program Portal

Every week, you will be able to get coaching and see others get coached at the highest level you’ve ever experienced. You’ll get coaching on creating and refining your signature offer, leading your team, creating systems, scaling your sales and operating at the million dollar level wherever you’re at today.

Weekly Group Coaching

You will be able to drop into Slack at any time with questions related to what you’re working on inside the mastermind. You’ll receive coaching and support from Kirsten and other masterminders that will grow your business.

Daily Slack Channel

Every month, we will provide the space to co work with other masterminders on your projects, SOP updates, and more. You can bring your team member to co-work and ask any questions as well.

Monthly Business Coworking

Mastermind Features




Iyanna joined the Mastermind with a CFO Agency that had multiple offers at different price points, and her team wasn’t helping her work any less (with 15-20 clients at a time on the roster.) She wanted to have a passive agency, to finally launch her dream coaching offer, and to have more time to heal and live life.

We helped her simplify her services, streamline her systems, re-train her current team, and release hours of agency work off her plate. She turned her agency skill into a dream coaching offer and signed her first coaching clients. She took a fully offline, 3 week vacation.

Iyanna Vaughn, streamlined agency, launched coaching offer

Candace had a team before but released most of her contractors because she didn’t know how to lead them and was tired of paying money to not work any less. She struggled keeping up with content creation. She had minimal systems and a lot of manual work. She even stopped selling her scalable group offer for a time to focus on restructuring.

Since joining the Mastermind, Candace has hired her dream Operations Manager that has taken so much work off her plate so she can focus on re-launching her group offer again. Her business is more automated, she has time to plan and work on it more than ever, and she has taken time off without worrying about her business stopping.

Candace Chatman, from no team to Ops Manager and completely delegated

Gina started coaching with Kirsten making $30K a year and walked out of her Maternity Leave into a 6 Figure Business. Now, she is on her second Multiple 6 Figure Year - and she was stressed by the idea of Scaling. She wasn’t sure she wanted a “big” business and felt resistant to Team and Systems.

She went from fighting on hiring an Operations Manager, to having a Dream Team in 2 weeks and with minimal impact on her profit margins. She went from doing absolutely everything in her business, from Inbox Management, Tech Support, Call Uploading, Content Scheduling, Design and more to having her Launch Emails delegated for Scheduling and all the tasks in her brain tasked out within the week, and the ability to focus on making more sales.

She is now making money than ever, easier than ever, while putting her family first as a devoted Mom and Wife. She has had her highest launch to date doing less work than ever.

Gina Knox, from $30K to $275K a year

Ashley joined Kirsten’s coaching burnt out from VIP Days, planning a wedding and wanting to scale the client base of her group offer. Her team wasn’t fully formed and had gaps in support, and she wanted to expand into new marketing channels.

Since joining, Ashley has filled her support gaps with an Operations Manager, added new features to her program that improved her client results and experience, while completely delegating it to a Co Coach, and went from enrolling less than 10 clients at a time to enrolling 20+ clients at a time in her launches.

She has made so much more money with less work, that she has paid off all her personal and business debt, added to her savings, and has now expanded her marketing into Youtube!

Ashley Pendergaft, from VIP Day Burnout to multiple 6 figures with just 1 scalable offer

Ro joined coaching with an Agency that was not scalable. She was stressed out, overdelivering, underearning, and unsure of how to scale from here.

She wanted a peaceful, scalable business where her Operations and Client Delivery of her Agency were completely delegated so she could sell out Coaching.

That’s exactly what she did, and quickly.

We helped her stop offering multiple different services at multiple price points and helped her streamline to 1 offer at 1 price. Her Agency profit and simplicity increased and she felt less stress. She stopped doing DFY work and completely delegated it to her Team. Then, she booked out her coaching in 30 days.

She ended up selling $100K in coaching that year. This year, she hired an Ops Manager and had a $40K month with their support in a launch.

Roma Shah, from burned out Agency Owner to $100K in one year as a Coach

Felly joined the Mastermind wanting more agency clients, less time spent in the slack channel, and a booked out coaching offer. She had minimal agency systems and knew she could make more sales if she had the time and brain space to focus on it.

Since joining, Felly systematized her agency and delegated client communications. Her new policies improved the agency client experience and her team’s clarity on how to get things done without her. She had her highest sales month and was able to start focusing on selling out coaching.

Felly Day, from minimal systems to highest sales month



6 MONTHLY paymentS
of $2,000




How do I know if I’m ready to join or if this is right for me right now?

You’re ready to join if you want to enroll your first or next 100-1,000 clients peacefully, no matter where you’re at today. No matter where you’re at and what your goal is, we have offer, systems, and team strategies that will help you achieve it. We have coached clients to their first 6 figures and first $1M using the same tools and there is live coaching support.

If I’m not already in Million Dollar Email, should I join?

Yes. Million Dollar Email is our signature Email Marketing Program. This is where Kirsten’s signature marketing and sales strategies live. Email is a Million Dollar Skill. It is not required to join MDE, but highly recommended, because we reference it frequently. You can join it at any time while you’re inside the Mastermind.

I’m in another Business Mastermind, should I join?

Yes, we have clients inside other business masterminds. This will have a unique experience and content that will complement any other coaching container you’re in. We are going to focus on your CEO Skills, Scalable Business Model, Systems and Team. You’ll receive coaching from a former Funnel Builder, OBM, and now Million Dollar Earner. We will help you increase your capacity and systems to apply any other strategy another coach gives you.

  • We have helped a client go from $30K a year to $275K a year.
  • A DFY Provider go from signing 30 clients a year to 100 clients with just 1 scalable offer in one year. 
  • An Agency Owner make $100K a year as a Coach in just one year.
  • A Coach make over $200K with their funnel system and hit their first $1M year without any full time employees.

And more…

We will show you exactly how we plan to help you on our 1:1 sales call.


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