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A 4-week service that helps you grow your email list with consistent buyers and replace 1-2 launches a year as an online coach or service provider.

The Million Dollar Inbox Agency presents:

dollar FUNNELS

Enjoy your inbox being filled with new leads asking you questions about your offers and sales rolling in between your launches.

Feel the ease of evergreen sales without having to test a bunch of funnels that don’t convert.

You want to be able to have a funnel that brings in consistent sales so you can focus on improving your offers and taking more vacations.

Who you are:

You have multiple launches a year and you want to replace 1-2 of them with funnel sales.

You have a funnel or two, but you want to improve your conversions.

You’re a coach or service provider who has made at least $100K revenue in a year with your products and services.

You think you might need a marketing assistant soon or you have one but their email game could be better.

What’s included:

Funnel Sales Plan

We will review your current funnel strategy and your messaging and optimize it for conversions. We will go over your annual income goals and create a funnel sales plan that includes how you’ll replace 1-2 launches a year with your funnel.

2 Funnels Built in 4 Weeks

We will write and automate a welcome sequence funnel so you can grow your list with subscribers that will actually stay on your list and buy. No more generating leads just for most of them to unsubscribe. Then, we will build a sales funnel that is simple and scalable that drives your clients to either buy or apply. Whether you have an offer that requires an application or you want people to buy straight from the cart, your funnel will do the heavy lifting and you’ll create enough sales to replace 1-2 launches a year.

Automated Funnel Sales Tracker

We will set up an automated funnel sales tracker so you don’t need to add spreadsheet tracking tasks to your team’s plate. You’ll know exactly how many funnel sales you made that month and where they found your funnel so you know what marketing channel to focus most on.

Exactly what to expect:

You’ll book a sales call so we can discuss what you’re looking for and how we can help. We will show you how we’ll improve your funnel so you know exactly how you’re going to use our support.

Within 24 hours of joining our roster, we’ll have you onboarded so we can build your funnels as quickly as possible.

We will write and automate a welcome sequence funnel and a sales funnel in just 4 weeks or less



one time



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*the project will not begin until the full payment is received

2 payments of

By paying in full, we will re-write your current opt-in and sales page to increase conversions.

Create a sales funnel system that allows you to replace 1-2 launches a year, take time off, build relationships, serve your clients more and feel more peace in your marketing.

Pay in full bonus: